4DM contracted to perform hyperspectral land classification to support hydrological modeling in the City of Surrey, BC

The City of Surrey acquired hyperspectral data using the Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager (CASI) to support land surface classification for municipal transportation project and surface runoff determination, whereby hyperspectral imagery provides unique spectral signatures needed to differentiate between a variety of land covers.

4DM utilized a semi–automated process to identify the pervious (i.e. grass lawns, parks, forest, agriculture, etc.) and impervious (e.g. asphalt, concrete/gravel, etc.) areas. In conjunction with the hyperspectral imagery, a combination of available vector mapping data, orthoimagery, and processed LiDAR digital surface model was used to apply classification techniques using software tools such as LiDAR Analyst, QT Modeler, ArcGIS, and ENVI/IDL software.