4DM provides a range of services that is typically divided into consulting projects or service based agreements. Our services are built on using and applying geospatial information technology within the sectors of energy, environment, natural resources, infrastructure, and social-economics. We provide solutions to our clients in 5 target areas as shown and describe below:


4DM Service Areas

Strategic Consulting

We provide clients with an understanding of how to apply geospatial technology to meet their needs. Examples include business analysis, technical direction, technical evaluation, development of standards, and gathering the user needs requirements of clients.

Mapping and Monitoring

Our focus is on building mapping data of area of interest, generating cartographic maps for 2D/3D/4D visualization, extracting information from imagery and collecting field data to support projects. Technologies include LiDAR, Multispectral Satellite Imagery, Thermal Imagery and Microwave data.

Analytics and Modeling

We conduct statistical and numerical analysis of the data such as geostatistics, constraints analysis, routing, zonal analysis, and spatial modeling to derive our clients solutions using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and statistical and numerical packages and tools.

Application Development

Building on the available data, we are able to develop custom decision support applications and systems as desktop or web based solutions. This will include system design, software architecture, prototyping, and software development.

Applied Research

We support clients with innovative solutions and new methodologies through algorithm development, information extraction, and decision support systems to enhance current services or new product development

Examples of Services

We apply our services in the following target market areas. Examples of the types of applications are listed below:


  • Renewable Energy Siting
  • Transmission Line Routing
  • Viewshed Analysis
  • Solar Analysis
  • Wind Forecasting
  • Hydrotechnical Modeling – Hydraulics and Hydrology
  • Digital Terrain Assembly and Analysis

  • Flood Forecasting Services
  • Water Quantity and Quality Mapping
  • Environmental Assessment Support
  • Land Cover Mapping
  • Climate Analysis
  • Erosion Assessment

  • Snow Transport Modeling and Analysis
  • Design of Snow Barrier Treatments
  • Dam Safety Studies
  • Infrastructure 3D Mapping
  • Transportation Mapping for Mobility
Natural Resources

  • Geological Mapping Using Remote Sensing
  • Natural Hazard Assessment
  • Geophysical Mapping Support
  • Forest Cover Mapping
  • Hydro-Enforcement and Hydro-flattening of aerial LiDAR datasets
Social – Economic

  • Property Rights Mapping
  • Cultural Heritage Mapping
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Asset Mapping
  • Environmental Health
  • Geodemographics
  • Coastal Surveillance using Remote Sensing