Dr. Zhen (John) Xiong completed post doctoral work at the University of New Brunswick and joins 4DM Inc. enhancing the company’s photogrammetry and remote sensing capabilities

Dr Zhen Xiong holds a PhD degree in Geomatics from the University of New Brunswick, where he specialized in photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Dr. Xiong has over fifteen years of experience in the areas of photogrammetry and remote sensing. He finished twenty two engineering projects and twenty eight research projects in photogrammetry, remote sensing, surveying, and mapping. He developed more than twenty software programs, and two patent pending techniques in DEM generation, image orthorectification, image matching and sensor modeling. Dr. Xiong is the co-author of more than thirty peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. He is the first place co-recipient of 2009 ASPRS president award for “An Initial Study on Vehicle Information Extraction from Single Pass Quickbird Satellite Imagery,” PE&RS, (74) 11, 1401-1411.

Dr. Xiong has extensive experience in building extraction from both optical imagery and LiDAR point cloud. He developed a program for automatic building extraction from LiDAR point cloud based on elevation, slope, and azimuth features. Prior to that, he developed a program to extract buildings from stereo IKONOS images automatically. He has published several papers on building extraction from remote sensing data.

Dr. Xiong joined 4DM inc. as a senior remote sensing scientist with his main focus is on technical development of both active remote sensing and passive remote sensing, such as LiDAR data processing, RADARSAT image processing, multispectral classification, DEM generation and image orthorectification.