4DM Inc. and Sanchez Engineering Inc. awarded project to undertake a dam safety review of the G. Ross Lord Dam

Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) owns and operates several dams and channels across the Greater Toronto Area to mitigate flooding in vulnerable areas following the 1954 Hurricane Hazel event. The TRCA owns 2 large dams as classified by the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD). 4DM and Sanchez Engineering have been contracted by the TRCA to conduct a Dam Safety Review (DSR) of one of these two dams, the G. Ross Lord Dam, to determine whether the structure meets current dam safety guidelines.

4DM, working with Sanchez Engineering, is in the process of performing a full dam safety review of the G. Ross Lord Dam for the purpose of due diligence. The previous DSR was completed in accordance with the 1999 draft Ontario Dam Safety Guidelines, which has now been replaced by the 2011 Guidelines under the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act. This DSR will be conducted independently of the previous review, and will meet the current standards per the newly released guidelines. 4DM has been tasked with conducting the hydrological and hydraulic assessments as well as the inundation mapping and consequence analysis components of this project.