4DM, with SENES, was selected to identify and evaluate potential hydro electric transmission corridors from Pickle Lake to 10 CCEG member First Nations communities

The Central Corridor Energy Group (CCEG), comprised of 14 First Nations communities, is focused on the development of power transmission and green energy projects in northwestern Ontario on behalf of its members. CCEG is interested in identifying and assessing potential corridor options for a 115kV/44kV transmission line that would connect the upgraded Pickle Lake transmission node to 10 of its member communities in remote areas of northwestern Ontario.

4DM, in partnership with SENES Consultants Ltd., has been selected by CCEG to identify, analyze, and evaluate potential corridors from Pickle Lake to a preliminary group of 10 First Nations member communities. 4DM is using a numerical spatial routing model to optimize a corridor path based on available data and input from CCEG. The modeling is a consensus approach accounting for opportunities and constraints to determine a least impact corridor. These results will be utilized as a starting point for the environmental assessment planning.