4DM and SENES contracted by MECC to study mitigating erosional impacts related to Adam Creek

The Lower Mattagami River Complex (LMRC) consists of four hydroelectric stations that historically have been providing base and peak electricity production for the Ontario electrical grid. As a part of this system, Adam Creek is used as a necessary spillway corridor to offset the passage of dangerous flows through the four associated generating stations for safety reasons. Unfortunately, diverting high peak volumes and velocity flows through Adam Creek has reshaped its physiography, including the Mattagami River confluence, as a result of severe erosion.

4DM and SENES were contracted by the Mattagami Extensions Coordinating Committee (MECC) to assess potential mitigative measures that could reduce the impacts to the downstream environment associated with releasing high flows into Adam Creek. Potential solutions will be qualitatively assessed and evaluated. It is anticipated that no single solution will resolve all of the existing issues, but that it will be a combination of comprehensive monitoring solutions, preventive intervention, and mitigation measures that will lead to a reduction in erosion along Adam Creek.