4DM provided spatial modeling to support Canada’s next generation weather radar network

The infrastructure of the current Canadian weather radar network is aging. As a result, it is encountering more frequent operational problems. In addition, there is a need for additional coverage, as well as a need for more advance radar systems in areas experiencing severe weather and northern regions of Canada to improve now-casting data and information. Today, Environment Canada, through Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC), maintains 31 sites across Canada and is currently undergoing a renewal project.

In support of their radar renewal activities, 4DM provided technical services and performed a needs analysis to determine coverage gap areas across Canada, and offered options and recommendations to MSC for the strategic planning and design of the next generation of their weather radar network. The project involved conducting weather radar user requirements, thematic spatial data development, and applying a multi-criteria analytical model to create a needs index to help prioritize potential new radar sites locations and modifications to the existing locations at a macro-scale